Worth the Walk

In 1930, aged 23, Alfred Wainwright discovered his greatest passion… exploring the Lake District and hand drawing its remarkable views.

He became known for going the extra mile – and not just on the peaks.

Alfred even went as far as buying everyone who walked the 250-mile Pennine Way a pint of beer at the end.

Today, that reward for hard work lives on at Wainwrights brewery.

Our master brewers go to great lengths to create unique combinations of hops and English malt – the rewards are the UK’s number one refreshing Golden Ale and a moreish amber ale that continues to gain market share.

You see, if you keep seeking, you keep finding. And in the words of Wainwright himself, ‘the best views always come after the hardest climbs’.

So, no matter how far you’ve walked – whether it’s that spectacular hike across the Pennines or that breath-taking trip down a supermarket beer aisle – one sip of a Wainwright beer and you’ll know the walk was worth it.


Did you know? You can order an additional 8 pack of beer without increasing your shipping costs!
*subject to delivery location